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Two (2) 24mm Spectra Breast Flanges

Two (2) 28mm Spectra Breast Flanges

Two (2) Spectra Tubing

Two (2) Spectra Duckbill Valves

Two (2) Spectra Backflow Protectors. Includes silicone membrane, uppercase, and lowercase for each Backflow Protector

Two (2) Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Includes nipple, cap, disc, and lid for each bottle

One (1) Spectra 12-Volt AC Power Adapter

Spectra - Portable & Rechargeable

Electric Breast Pump

Single or Double Pump capability

Vacuum suction up to L12

270 mmHg

Weighs only 3 lbs

Built in night-light

LCD screen

( 2 ) Years Warranty on pump | 90 days on accessories

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